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how helpless feeling

You've had a crush on someone? Do you have for a person unhappy or ShiBuZhiWei? Like him, but they could not tell him, or because he already had another person, want to care about him, but can't close to him, because you can't together. You can only put that feeling deep in the bottom of my heart, let it deep in the tranquil ripples of waves, saw him express joy, see when he couldn't help it will be lost, that kind of thoughts you can't control, let it spread quietly, secretly grows, the most bitter is not waiting, but after waiting, still less than to expect. Meet the decree by destiny, how do you wish each other can see you one eye, at least can feel the presence of you, how do you wish each other can understand you, at least be able to see in your eyes the lonely. Like a humanistic not wrong, because can't help, is so attached to, sometimes you will suddenly hate yourself, why can't some convergence? You know, it is a kind of heart pain, often hide behind him, only to see his familiar figure, afraid of him, hope he back again, what a contradictory state of mind. Each other a look, a smile, to touch to your heart string, watched him quietly, as if he is the only one of the world's figure, absorbed in each other's world, bloom the heart, a soft heart. More wish images can be static, time can stay, it has been looked at him, so want to him, such a state of mind has already can't find any words can describe, the most lucky, can meet him in life, your life become beautiful because of him, because he feel happy, even if you never to express love, never said a word I like you.

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