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Life there is wind have rain

Cherish the nature, cherish peace. After SARS, let us understand the important of peace and harmony with nature, we are the masterpiece of nature Derma 21 hard sell, not the master of other life. To cherish each bunch of flower that afraid of himself, and a bunch of low grass; Live in peace in the us, actually didn't think twice about the real meaning of peace. Did you know that was once one of the four great ancient civilizations of the ancient kingdom, at the time of the barbaric bombing, how their blood and tears to pray for peace  . Life in the sun, we can not cherish?

 the life is bitter sweet apartment rental . Learn to cherish, successful career, marriage, fly, hope good harvest.

There are many things in life, lost on the surface, in fact you are the real winners HK Speed Dating . Have several opportunities in life  , opportunities come don't miss you, want to have a need to go to grasp it!

Marriage is like porcelain, if you want to collect good it really is difficult, but it is easy to break it  , if you want to put the pieces together, is a not easy thing.

Love is like countless dinner, a don't succeed, also can then talk about. And marriage is different, getting married is just a meal.

The heaviest topic between men, that is, to own a woman; The easiest topic between men, that is to say to someone else's woman. Woman's favourite subject of conversation is your husband; The most thing is to let her worry children's study.

In the office, you may offend busy people, because they don't have time to dispute with you; But, you don't offend people, because they have time to play with you.

A relationship is a relationship; Have a good relationship management; It doesn't matter of relationship, this is the interpersonal contacts.

If your score great yesterday, that means you do enough good today. You must work hard, strive to do better.

Basing their hopes on others, if you will feel very helpless; Basing their hopes on themselves, and then put you will know fairly well.

People go into the world, when all go to a meal, eat and drink enough, comfortable back again. This is the nature of life, and what is bad?

If a man has a 100 - year - old state, 80 - year - old, 60, wisdom, the will of 40 years old, 20, passion, plus two or three years old child, that it would be great!

Do ordinary people, do the thing you should do, everyone can sensitivity to change, but not the heart.


Lover like a piece of paper

Each piece of wood sculpture can be a statue of Buddha, as long as it can get rid of spare parts ; Everyone can become perfect, but as long as willing to get rid of his shortcomings and defects.

 Parents like old cotton-padded clothes, cold to warm; Friends are like rain wear clothes, wind and the rain; Love like pieces of thick cloth, considerate and comfortable; blouse, pretty useless dry dog food . Love and money, the more you think about it, sometimes it is not in your side. Some things don't have to insist, let all let nature take its course.

In life it is very difficult, the hope friends in insipid life live out their own style, show the best of life. Wish my friends can find your own happiness, create their own piece of heaven and earth... "Keep aloof, willing to lonely, is indifferent stoicism business centre , rational mature, loneliness is another of the spirit of the brain, loneliness is also high quality enjoy a kind of state of life.

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